You can’t afford not to use a QS

Can you Afford Not to Use a QS

We work across a broad range of projects, industries, sizes and scale. Occasionally, we will hear about a project where the project owner doesn’t want to work with a quantity surveyor. They may not see why they should work with one or what value they would bring to a project. 

The reasons are simple. A QS will save you money. A lot more money than what their fees are. We are an excellent return on investment.

Set up a budget

A quantity surveyor should be involved in your project from the beginning and play a role in the development of plans. We can start making cost estimates from rough drawings and set realistic expectations for what can be achieved with the budget you have. 

You might need to adjust plans or wait until you have secured additional finances, or you may realise that you have some extra funds and you want to spend it wisely.

Keep you on budget

Without a detailed bill of quantities and a schedule of work, you are almost guaranteed to overspend your budget or go over time on your project. The most valuable thing about the bill of quantities is that it lists all the expected material and subcontractor costs. It gives you a full view of where your budget is being spent and where you need to cut costs. 

Save you money

The most important thing we do is we save you want. There are an array of people involved in building a house. You have different people for excavating, pouring concrete, laying the bricks, and the list goes on. Even though they are doing a great job, without your QS you won’t know if they are sticking to the right price. The same goes for the materials that they use. 

No two builds are the same. Having an extra set of eyes watching the money and keeping the project running on time will keep your project on track. We know that when we work on a project, not only are we keeping everything on budget, but we know we will provide an excellent return on investment for our clients. 

At Chancery Group, we believe in working hard to make progress in the most cost-effective manner rather than working hard to fix expensive, preventable mistakes. Our team specialises in Chartered Quantity Surveying, Cost Consulting Services, Construction Project Management Services, Project Management Surveying and Chartered Engineering Services.

We provide these services across the Republic of Ireland to a wide variety of clients in the private and public sectors, including developers, main contractors, specialist subcontractors, government agencies, religious orders, court services and commercial enterprises. To find out more about our services, contact us via email or call us on 057 935230.

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