sustainable construction

What part does the quantity surveyor play in sustainable construction?

Sustainability is something that comes up regularly in the construction industry; it’s a serious consideration for quantity surveyors. With population growth and the need for 34,000 houses to be built each year for the next decade to keep up with demand, sustainable construction has never been so important. A Quantity Surveyor plays a significant role in the construction of new buildings and minimising the costs of the build and promoting sustainability.

What is sustainable construction? Sustainable construction is not just about creating a building that has a low environmental impact, but it looks to improve how we build and how people live.

In the construction industry, we must consider the vast amount of materials and resources required to build the project. We must also consider what is required to maintain the building, the waste and emissions generated throughout the life of the building.

How does a quantity surveyor improve sustainability?

At the conception stage of the construction project, a quantity surveyor will produce a schedule of all the materials to be used during the project. It is at this point that the QS can ensure sustainable materials are used in the build. Sustainability has long been associated with additional cost, but the QS will look at the long-term value.

And although some of the materials may be more costly in the short term, the QS can look at other ways to promote sustainability. They can look at how to reduce build times, minimise waste and to use pre-assembly where possible.

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