project manager and a construction manager

What is the difference between a project manager and a construction manager

Construction projects are complex beasts, and proper management is needed to keep it on track. When it comes to the management of the project, you will have a team of different managers who can offer their input.

The Construction Manager and the Project Manager both play critical roles in the overall management of a project. Although there is some overlap in the roles, there are significant differences.



The Construction Manager’s primary role is to oversee all of the on-site operations from personnel, materials and the construction budget.

The Project Manager oversees the entire project from concept to completion, planning, overall budget management, stakeholder management, contracts management, timeline management and in some instances, they may also assist in the marketing of the project.


Time and focus

The Project Manager is involved from beginning to end, whereas the Construction Manager is involved only during the actual construction phase.

The Construction Manager’s focus is on the physical construction of the project, and once the building is complete, they are released from the project. The Project Manager’s focus is not only on the physical construction but also on the budget, timeline and stakeholder management.



The Construction Manager will work with the architect, surveyors, engineers and the Project Manager to check plans. They will work closely with contractors and subcontractors to plan work schedules and monitor progress.

The Project Manager will work with all of the above, but they will also have a dedicated project team, they will work with the Project Owners, Investors and other interested partners. They


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