bill of quantities

What is a Bill of Quantities (BoQ) and why do you need one?

At the initial stages of every construction project, your Quantity Surveyor will produce a schedule of all of the materials, costs for purchase, costs for installations by subcontractors called a Bill of Quantities (BOQ). The BoQ is a powerful tool for managing the costs of a project regardless of its size. 

On residential projects, like self-builds or domestic renovations, the BoQ is not essential but is advised. The exact cost of your project will be defined by your main contractor, your builder, and they will base the price on the designs. Involving your Quantity Surveyor in the project will give you a more accurate cost analysis and help you make better budget decisions. And if you are applying for a mortgage, having a more defined total cost will help you with the mortgage approval process.

On larger projects a Bill of Quantities is necessary. By having a BOQ, you will be able to use it as a budget to track everything. Every change to the design of the project can be quantified in the BoQ with absolute precision. With every change to the project clearly defined, the budget can be controlled which ensures that you are not running out of money towards the later stages of the project. 

When you are working with a Quantity Surveyor, they will look at the high costs and look at alternative options which can save you money and keep you under budget. Or you may be able to reallocate the budget to another part of your project. For a small outlay, your QS could help you make significant savings throughout the project.

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