building your home is stressful

The two main reasons why building your home is stressful

Do you know someone who built their own house? They always talk about how STRESSFUL it was to keep on top of everything, from builders, subcontractors to the budget. And the dreaded delays of building it yourself, as self builds are rarely completed on time.

Managing the construction project 

All construction projects are complex; the project involves many professionals and tradespeople in the project, from the design phases to completion. 

To begin with, you need both spatial and structural designs for the house and costings. To get the designs you will need an engineer, and for the costings a Quantity Surveyor is advised. You will need to find and appoint both of these professionals to the project, and you will need to manage them until their part is complete. Typically, an Engineer and QS will work independently of each other unless you find a firm that can offer both.

As the project manager, you may be juggling a construction project on top of your job and day to day life. And that is no easy feat. That is where the majority of the stress comes from, and there’s not enough hours in the day to do it all.

A Construction Project Manager will take a lot of the stress away. We know how to manage projects from start to finish, and we can prepare for all eventualities. We will be responsible for the design, budget, planning permission, quality, safety building regulation, and the build schedule. Basically, we have it all in hand, from start to finish.

Making decisions early

During the early phase of the project, you need to agree on critical design choices and set them into the budget. People will often rush to get their planning application lodged. And when people rush, there are two scenarios that are likely to occur:

  1. Key details such as heating or landscaping will be left off the drawing, which will cause major issues when it comes to building. The builders will quote on what is in the drawings; if they don’t have all the details, then their quote won’t include them. You will either need to find an additional budget or make sacrifices. And that’s going to cause stress on site. 
  2. And worse yet is not having your drawing cost-checked before submitting it for planning permission. You may have used an architect to draw your dream home with all the bells and whistles. You haven’t had the drawings cost checked, and when it comes to building the house, it can’t be completed within your budget. Now you need to either redesign the house or find a builder who can build your dream house to a lesser standard. And that is both heartbreaking and stressful.

A Construction Project Manager will not let it get to the point where drawings are submitted, and builders are submitting quotes unless all the details are finalised. We know what the consequences of putting decisions on the long finger are. We will work through all the decisions with you, from where your washing line will go to how you will heat your house. We want you to have your dream home and we want you to achieve it within budget and to a high standard.

At Chancery Group, we believe in working hard to make progress in the most cost-effective manner rather than working hard to fix expensive, preventable mistakes. Our team specialises in Chartered Quantity Surveying, Cost Consulting Services, Construction Project Management Services, Project Management Surveying and Chartered Engineering Services.

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