pre-purchase survey

Ready to buy your first house? Here’s why you need a pre-purchase survey!

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make; you want to be certain that it is a good investment. It is wise to do a pre-purchase survey to check for any defects or problems before you put pen to paper. 

Here’s why you need a pre-purchase survey:

1. Caveat Emptor – Buyers Beware

Buyer beware is a legal principle that applies when purchasing a property. After the date of closing, the buyer cannot recover damages from the seller for defects or problems that have left the property unfit for ordinary purposes. There is only one exception to this if the seller actively concealed the defects or made material misrepresentations amounting to fraud. 

2. Identify Key Issues

A pre-purchase survey can identify key issues such as:

a. Subsidence – sudden sinking or gradual downward settling of the ground. 
b. Whether defective concrete blocks were used in the construction of the building.
c. Pyrite issues in the floors or blockwork structure – you’ll notice cracks in internal and external walls or lifting of the concrete floors.
d. Rising damp
e. And suitability of existing sewerage treatment systems. 

3. Help you make decisions

Knowing your key issues will help you make decisions on whether or not to buy the property. If there are issues, you will be able to price the cost of carrying out any necessary repairs and renegotiate the purchase price. You can also ask the Property Developer to carry out the necessary work to make the property liveable. 

Buying a house is a huge decision regardless of whether it is your first house or tenth house, a pre-purchase survey will ensure you are making a good investment. 

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