Planning to build a home? Talk to an Engineer

Planning to build a home? Talk to an Engineer

The steps to building a house can be overwhelming and exhausting. It can be a daunting process if you don’t know where to start. When you plan to build a home, it is best to get advice as early as possible.

The Process of Building a House

Find a site

The first step is finding a suitable site or a home that you are happy to extend or renovate. When it comes to the property, look into zoning, available utilities, soil type, topography, existing structures and local regulations. A civil engineer can provide advice on whether the land is suitable for you.

The location and type of site will be an essential part of the design of your home. 

Develop your home

Work with an engineer to develop your building concept and how it will look on your site. Look at styles of houses, building materials and approximate construction costs. Think back to why you bought the site in the first place.

Design development starts at the early stages of project development; your Engineer will look at structural construction types to be considered. Once a type has been approved, the Engineer will work on the construction documents. These are the plans that will be submitted for planning permission to your local authority.

Working with your Quantity Surveyor and an Engineer, you can start to pull together your construction costs, contractor quotes and start setting a budget that you can realistically work with.

Time to build

Now that you have secured financing and planning permission, it is time to break ground! At this stage, you may decide to manage the project yourself, or you may decide to hire a Construction Project Manager, or your Engineer may stay on the project to offer advice. Either way, you need to engage the main contractor, engineers and subcontractors. Managing the build’s cost as new ideas come up or site issues arise can be a challenge, so ensure that you are managing all costs and staying on top of the budget.

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