Managing uncertainty in construction projects

Managing uncertainty in construction projects

It can be easy to get caught up in the overall aesthetics of the building, regardless of whether it is a new home or a large scale commercial project. The cost of the building can be estimated based on the designs, but the uncertainty of what is underground can create a hole in your budget that may never be recovered. 

This is where having a skilled civil engineer on the project from the beginning is going to help minimise surprises that occur during the construction stage of the project. An engineer will help you not lose money and protect the project.

How can a civil engineer help?

For an engineer to bring value to the project, they must work closely with the Quantity Surveyor so that they can design the project and manage the budget. But that is not all they do, an experienced engineer will gather data from surveys, utilities and will visit the site to get a better understanding of the location and to identify any issues that may affect the design.

The engineer will adjust the layout of the project to suit the site, taking into consideration the topography of the site, geotechnical make-up, levels at the edge of the site and any existing services. And the engineer will adjust the levels of the site to minimise the impact on neighbouring sites. A good civil engineer will ensure the design works with the existing land.  

To ensure that your project receives planning permission, engage with a civil engineer early in the design process. Or better yet, use an engineer to design the project. If you engage with an engineer after a design is almost complete, or your main contractor is on-site, it’s too late. 

At Chancery Group, we have a team of engineers who can design and safeguard your project. Our engineers work closely with our team of quantity surveyors to offer a complete solution for every building project. 

At Chancery Group, we believe in working hard to make progress in the most cost-effective manner rather than working hard to fix expensive, preventable mistakes. Our team specialises in Chartered Quantity Surveying, Cost Consulting Services, Construction Project Management Services, Project Management Surveying and Chartered Engineering Services.

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