Managing subcontractors on a construction project

Managing subcontractors on a construction project

We’ve shared how to choose a Construction Project Manager. Let’s delve deeper into how a Construction Project Manager can help you with managing subcontractors on a construction project.

Subcontractors play an important role in helping main contractors source the skills they need; it could be electrical contractors, plasterers, plumbers and so on. The procurement and management of subcontractors are critical to a construction project’s success. 

Good subcontractors are easy to work with, deliver a high standard of workmanship and are easy to pay. Typically, the main contractor is selected by the client to complete the build, and they are responsible for delivering the project. If a subcontractor fails to carry out the work or does a poor quality job it is the main contractor who has to correct it.

Having a formal sub-contract in place can provide all parties with some protection and helps create a good working relationship. The sub-contract lays out the terms of the agreement, lays out the project requirements of both parties and defines the payment terms.

Whether there is a formal Construction Project Manager or the main contractor is managing the project, they set the programme of works and coordinate the subcontractors on-site to ensure the project is completed on time. They also manage the subcontractors on a daily basis, ensuring they have everything they need to complete the job. 

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