The Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets (DMURS) provides a better balance between the Place Function and the Transport Function of urban roads and streets. 

This approach shifts the emphasis from more conventional approaches, that prioritise movement of traffic, to more sustainable approaches concerned with multi-modal movement and streets as places.

A street or road may pass through a number of different contexts along its route. As context changes, the design of streets and roads will need to change accordingly. Designers should minimise the width of the carriageway by incorporating only as many lanes as needed to cater for projected vehicle flows;

When considering streets within a residential development, the following items should be considered by the designers to realise the vision to place well-designed streets at the heart of sustainable communities.

Street Function

Street Width

  • The standard carriageway width on Local streets should be between 5m – 5.5m.
  • The standard carriageway width on Arterial & Link streets should be between 5.5m – 7m.
  • The carriageway width on Local streets where a shared surface is provided should not exceed 4.8m.

Junction Design

  • Provide crossings on all arms of a junction.
  • Reduce kerb radii.
  • Omit left turn slip lanes.
  • Omit staggered crossings in favour of direct/single phase crossings.

Parking Requirements

Corner Radii 

  • On junctions between Arterial and/or Link streets the corner radius should be 6m.
  • On junctions between Arterial or Link street into a Local street, radii may be reduced to 4.5m.
  • On Local streets, a maximum corner radii of 1-3m should be applied.
  • In Industrial Estates, the corner radii may be increased to 9m.

Detailed Design should be carried out with DMURS & the National Cycle Manual in mind. A full copy of the Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets can be found here. A full copy of the National Cycle Manual can be found here

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