Choosing a Construction Project Manager

Choosing a Construction Project Manager

Construction project management is more complicated than it sounds, particularly if the project is a large scale construction project or involves engineering works. There are a lot of moving parts involved; people, materials, schedules and the budget. Projects can quickly unravel and go over budget when there isn’t an experienced construction project manager.

It is often worth working with a construction project management consultant who has the skills and tools to manage construction projects of every shape and size will alleviate the stress, reduce the complexity and see your project through to completion.

Identifying the right construction project manager to work with is no easy task. 

Relevant projects

When you are shortlisting a potential construction project manager to work on your construction project, you want to ensure that they have relevant experience in similar projects. 

If your project is in Government, you want to ensure that your Construction Project Manager has a history of working on Government construction projects. If it is a large scale residential or commercial, you want to ensure they have the relevant experience. 

Look for projects that indicate their capabilities in planning, executing, and controlling construction projects similar to your project.


A construction project manager’s job is not as simple as just managing time and budget. They will work with the project owners, engineers, subcontractors, stakeholders, and community members when necessary. On top of managing the people side of the project, managing materials, scheduling, and equipment also fall firmly on a construction project manager’s shoulders.

Communication, organisation and leadership are the fundamental skills that you want your Construction Project Manager to have. If they can’t demonstrate these skills to you, then they are not right for your project.

We’ve overseen many projects from start to finish in a range of industries. And while no two projects are exactly the same, our methodology and experience have never let us down. If you are thinking of managing your construction project, then check out our Construction Project Management checklists.

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