How a QS can make your dream home come true

Building your dream home on a shoestring budget

Building your dream home is exciting, it lets you choose all the design elements from the ground up. A shoestring budget makes building your dream home more of a challenge, but not impossible. Knowing exactly what your budget limitations are, what you want in your house and having a competent Quantity Surveyor can make your dream home a reality.

Quantity surveyors are often associated with large build projects, but they can prove invaluable on residential projects. Have you ever seen something in someone else’s house, on Grand Designs or in a magazine and you just WANT it for your own? If you are working with a tight budget, and it isn’t working, then you might need someone to help you crunch the numbers.

As much as we would all love a beautiful floating staircase, a zinc facade and luxurious marble tiled floors; your budget might not allow for this. And that can be disheartening, especially on your first self-build project. This is where your QS comes in handy. 

If you have a Quantity Surveyor on board, they can look at your options and find you good alternatives. Involving your QS in the project will give you a more accurate cost analysis and help you make better budget decisions by pulling together a Bill of Quantities (BoQ). The BoQ will help you and your builder work within your budget. 

If you have a limited budget, but you have your heart set on specific features, then highlight these features to your QS. A QS will be able to see if they can be worked into the project, and if not, they will assess alternatives that will make your dream home come true. Between your Builder and your QS will be able to work on a compromise that can help deliver your dream home, even on a shoestring budget.

Building your dream home on a shoestring budget

Sometimes there is an item that you desperately want in your home, but no matter what you do, it just isn’t possible. This is when your QS can help you future proof your build. For example, if you want the master ensuite to have his and her sinks, a fabulous bathtub and a huge shower, all of which fall way outside of your budget then futureproofing could be your best option. You can either plumb your ensuite for it and leave it unfinished for now until you have the budget to complete it or you can use cheaper alternatives until you can afford to renovate it.

Everyone involved in the build of your home will want it to be perfect. And for all the compromises that may need to be made, it is your home, and when you get into your house, it will all be worth it. Your QS will help you budget for the best finish that your budget allows. 

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