Are you thinking about a career in Quantity Surveying?

Are you thinking about a career in Quantity Surveying?

If you are in your final year of school, you might be beginning to think about your future. There are great opportunities in the construction industry, and we like to think studying quantity surveying is one of them.

Quantity Surveyors are an essential part of the construction process. In the simplest terms, our job is to create and manage the budgets, financial aspects and assess the profitability of construction projects. We are the cost controllers of the project.

If you are thinking about a career in Quantity Surveying, then here are our top tips: 

Research Courses

As with any college or university course, you need to do your research before making a decision. There is a range of courses available across Ireland. When it comes to filling in your CAO form, ensure that you know where and which courses are right for you. 

Work Experience

If you are serious about a career as a quantity surveyor, then consider getting some work experience. If you have a family friend who works in the industry, see if they can help you organise work experience to give you an idea of what is involved in the role. You can also consider getting a job on a construction site to get an idea of how a construction project works.

Career pathways

If you’ve decided that quantity surveying is the right path for you, you need to think about what is the right pathway for you. A degree is always the best option for getting started. 

Quantity surveying is a great career. It offers the ability to work across a range of industries from residential to pharmaceutical and everything else in between. You also work with a broad range of stakeholders, including construction site managers, clients and engineers.

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