Modular homes

Are Modular Homes going to make Quantity Surveyors redundant on housing projects?

It is no secret that Ireland has a housing crisis, it may be out of the news now, but it’s still there in the background. Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of modular homes and log cabins being built across the country. These houses can range from tiny homes right up to large scale residential homes.

While we’ve seen other changes in the construction industry over the years, we wanted to look at the impact of modular homes on the Quantity Surveyor’s role. Like any change in construction processes, methods or materials, there will be an impact on every stakeholder’s roles and responsibilities, including the design team, the engineers and the Quantity Surveyor.

One of the primary tasks of a QS in a traditional housing project is to measure and price the house pre-contract materials. These houses are constructed in a factory, using standard quantities per house type, which reduces the QS’s role. 

What role does a Quantity Surveyor play in the construction of Modular Homes?

The Quantity Surveyors role will change in modular housing projects, but it isn’t a redundant role. The Quantity Surveyors expertise is needed to establish the initial Bill of Materials at the beginning of the factory process to facilitate raw materials ordering. 

Factories will also rely on the QS’s knowledge of materials and costs to enable them to deliver their homes to as high a standard as possible, meet regulatory requirements and make a profit. Money will always be a significant factor for all build projects, regardless of whether it’s traditional or prefabricated. And that alone will ensure that a Quantity Surveyor is needed for the project. 

A Quantity Surveyor is required to measure, procure and price the groundworks elements for the drainage, site works and the foundations for the house. The QS will be an integral part of contracts management, managing payments and providing cost advice to clients.

Regardless of what you are building or how you are doing it, a good quality Quantity Surveyor will always benefit your project.

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