construction stage

A Construction Project Management Checklist for Project Owners – Construction Stage

Over the last two weeks, we’ve been sharing our construction project management checklist for the design stage and tender stage of a construction project. This week we are sharing our Construction Project Management Checklist for the construction stage. 

This checklist is for after you’ve completed both the design and tender stage, and you are in a position to start building.

Construction Stage

  1. If you haven’t already done so, it is time to outline your execution plan. Outline when construction commences, roles and responsibilities and what your project milestones will be. 
  2. The Project Manager or the Construction Manager will schedule progress meetings throughout the project. The meetings will deal with any design questions, scheduling issues, budgets any other project concerns. You may be needed to answer questions and provide guidance to the team regarding your vision for the project.
  3. As a Project Owner, make time for site visits. Site visits will give you a chance to review progress and ensure that the project is moving along in line with your expectations.
  4. When the project is complete, gather the design team and perform a walk-through of the project. Inspect the entire project, taking note of any issues, concerns or anything that needs to be addressed. 
  5. As the Project Owner, be present at the final inspection. It is an opportunity to ensure that everything on your list is completed. Keep track of any outstanding items, ensure the contractor remains on-site to help finish the project.

If you are working on a residential project, you may move in after the final inspection. The main contractor may continue to work on your list while you are in the house. 

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